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2013 Projects


St Joseph's Higher Secondary School

St Joseph’s Higher Secondary School educates 721 poor and disadvantaged students (410 boys & 311 girls) from the rural area of Keelamudiman. The school also offers vocational training programs for women and La Salle Vidiyal hostel provides accommodation and access to education for 218 boys, the majority Hindu, and the girls’ hostel caters for 132 girls. Literacy in the area is only 27%, compared to the national average of 79.9%. St Joseph Higher Secondary School has set a target to reach 75% literacy in the area. The school has a citrus farm that helps generate funds for the school.

The project for 2013 is the expansion of the school. Three to six classrooms need to be built to cater for  the huge number of students in the Keelamudiman area just north of Tuticorin, Tamal Nadu, India. We would hope to have a large group of Irish volunteers. It is hoped that this project will be completed this July/August. This project welcomes people who want to be part of a group of Irish volunteers based in the local school in the village of Keelamudiman. Volunteer activities involve physical work in the construction of classrooms and the provision of proper educational facilities for the local children. Opportunities for teaching abound. One can teach any age group up to age fifteen. Volunteers can use their vast array of talents whether they are in the musical, artistic, sporting or drama areas. This short term volunteer project offers an authentic, cultural and meaningful experience to people with limited time. The project also includes exciting and varied cultural excursions and learning experiences. Many volunteers decide to travel further in India after the completion of the necessary time on the project.

If you are interested in volunteering in  Southern India this summer and you want to find out more about the project contact Tom O'Neill, De La Salle College, Waterford: email

John McDermott, Mount La Salle, Ballyfermot Road, Dublin 10 will also have information on this project


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Provide Education, Medication and Select Building Structures to people in small rural regions of underdeveloped countries for whom a little counts for a lot.

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Open your hearts and minds to an opportunity and an experience you willnever forget. The exposure to underdeveloped countries and local peoplewill help you understand the issues surrounding world poverty and itscauses. It is with hope, some day, we will have a solution. We cannotchange the world but we can make a difference in the life of anindividual through education and contact.

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