Lasallian Developing World Projects Ireland

Charity Number: 6945      Lasallian Developing World Projects do not have any staff. 
No bonuses, no salaries and no employed people. All donations go to those in need.

Contact Details

Projects Coordinators:

  • Tom O'Neill (Ireland / India)
  • Brother John McDermot:
  • Eoin Walsh (Ireland)  0872935403   (+353 1 872935403)

Project Leaders:

  • Tara Coady (Ireland / Ethiopia)

Ground Coordinators:

  • Brother Tom Walsh (India)     086 3453092 (+353 186 3453092)
  • Harish Mohan (North Kenya)
  • Father Baraki (Ethiopia)

Other Contacts:

  • Brother Kevin McEvoy (Asia)

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Mission Statement

Provide Education, Medication and Select Building Structures to people in small rural regions of underdeveloped countries for whom a little counts for a lot.

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Open your hearts and minds to an opportunity and an experience you willnever forget. The exposure to underdeveloped countries and local peoplewill help you understand the issues surrounding world poverty and itscauses. It is with hope, some day, we will have a solution. We cannotchange the world but we can make a difference in the life of anindividual through education and contact.

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