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Charity Number: 6945      Lasallian Developing World Projects do not have any staff. 
No bonuses, no salaries and no employed people. All donations go to those in need.

A Massive 'Thank You' to  Gaelscoil Phortlairge, Baile Mhic Gonair

Gaelscoil Phortlairge, Baile Mhic Gonair

The boys and girls had a Sale of Work and a Cake Sale and raised €500 for the project in Ethiopia and are seen here presenting the cheque to Tom O’Neill.

Gatherine 2013

We are proposing  “A Volunteers Gathering” of all the volunteers who left our shores for projects in Africa and India over the last twenty-five years to carry out various projects there. We have never had a combined meet of volunteers over the years and to coincide with the official Gatherings around the country this year we decided to organise a Volunteers Gathering this year. 

Gathering : Saturday September 14th  2013.

 Venue 1: East Enders Restaurant, 7. The Quay, Waterford City. 6:30-9:00pm. 

 Meal:  A starter, Main Meal, veg or non veg with either rice/nan/chips, and a dessert.        Saleh 086 3340351

Venue 2 :  The Three Shippes Bar 9:00pm-till late.  Close to the People’s Park and the Tower Hotel.

I may not have all the emails address’s of earlier volunteers or of various groups or members so please forward this email to as many as you can and that you have contact with.

Waterford volunteers please open your homes to travelling volunteers.

East Enders restaurant will want to know the exact numbers that will be attending the evening meal on the 14th of September so please contact me through email or on my mobile 0863453092 I would love to see as many volunteers as possible present on the night, so try your very best and get in touch with your own group through email, text or letter.

Take care and God bless and see you on the 14th of September please God.

Thomas Walsh

Latest News

June 2012: De La Salle Primary School, St. Stephen's Waterford class four.

The Lads ran a class Soccer Marathon one afternoon and raised four hundred euro for the project's and are seen here presenting the money to Brother Thomas Walsh.
A special Fundraiser for the Lasallian Developing World Projects in India 2012

June 2012 The Carrantuohill Challenge 2012 Photos are here

Just a few photos from last saturdays Carrantuohill Walk for the Indian Mochavadi Project 2012
12  members climbed and a glorious day for it.
Everyone enjoyed the day and got up and back down safe and sound.
What a wonderful achievement to have done.
For six of the group it was their first time up Carrantuohill.


September 20 2010: Sarah Doorley has met with Harish Mohan in Kenya and is travelling North to view possible projects for 2011.

04 August 2010: All Groups are home.

01 August:  The Ethiopian Group have moved to Addis Ababa to prepare for departure. All well. Tara has prepared for a long trip home with the Group leaving Tuedsay evening (Irish Time) and arriving in Dublin Airport @ 11.45 on Wednesday morning.

July 29th:Mail from Brother Ultan in India. all going well. The Group have moved to Keesara for the last week

July 27th:Voicemail from Tara in Ethiopia. All going well. Teaching and working in the Goba Orphanage.

July 14th: Spoke to Tara by phone this morning. The Group are providing cover for the Sisters in the Goba Orphanage and have also started classes with Father Baraki in his primary school in Robe.

All going well and hopefully the Volunteers will use a local phone to contact home, this week.

July 8th:

Our India and Ethiopia Groups have arrived in their compounds. The Ethiopian Group have connected with Brother Kassu in Addis Ababa and moved on from there along the 12 hour jeep transfer to Robe, across the Bale Mountains. Tara Coady has now reopened the accommodation for our volunteers and introduced the Group to Father Baraki who, unfortunately, recently broke an arm. A speed recovery is hoped as we'd love to see Father Baraki back behind the wheel. 

David Gaffney has returned from Ethiopia and Barbara Kinsella hopes to meet up with our Ethiopian Group in Roba next week. Barbara hopes to leave Ireland on the 15th - 16th.

We are starting to receive applications for our 2011 Projects. We will accept applications on the 2010 application form but the locations and project details will not be established until March 2011. 


David Gaffney is currently in Robe and has me up with Father Baraki. Father Baraki is preparing the Compound for the 2010 Volunteers and their work in Goba.

Joanne Kieran gave an interview to local radio in Drogheda and Mornington and discussed the Ethiopian Projects for 2010.

Brother Tom has arrived safely in his parish in India and is ready for another Cricket season....... Kerry Cricket seems like

The LDWP Committee formation for June 19th has been postponed until further notice. (

EVENTS - June 2010: 

Questions and Dancers Night, June 4th

'The Venue' McHugh's Bar, Drogheda

OK. This is a table quiz, fashion show and DJ night which will finish with live music........ ALL IN ONE NIGHT

Contact Joanne Kieran @

And the very best of luck to all involved. Please give your support if in the region. 

May 2010:

Brother Tom Walsh is preparing to head back to his position in India (End May). He will ready the Compoud for the LDWP Group arriving from Ireland in early July.

Brother Kevin McEvoy continues to remain in contact from Burma. The region is enduring political and social unrest. Kevin continues to fly the flag.



Brother Tom Walsh is back for a wee while form India.

Jan 2010:

Projects being addapted for 2010. Watch this space for 2010 Feb end.


June 2009:

Finially found a way to get Ethiopia 2005 pictures from my knackered Laptop. Some are now posted to the Website. (Click Here)

January 2009:

Ethiopia: Brother Tom needs Volunteers during the summer (Late June - August) of 2009 for 4 - 6 weeks. Krishna District, Andgra Pradesh, India. The project will mainly focus on teaching and building. All are welcome to apply. Please contact Brother Tom via email at or (Click Here)

North Kenya: Brother Kevin McEvoy needs a Volunteer Lab Technican for a local Dispensary in Dirib Gombo, North Kenya for a 4 - 6 week period. Please contact Bother Kevin via email at or (Click Here)


December 2008:

Bill Murphy and Wayne Dunne leave for Ethiopia on December 16th with a number of donations for Robe and Goba. Good luck and a Happy Christmas in Ethiopia.

Father Braraki (Robe, Ethiopia) sends his best wishes to all for Christmas 2008.

Applicants for 2009 should contact Brother Mike Finnerty (Click Here).


September 2008:

All previous Volunteers: Please pass your email address and names to and your details can be added to the 'Previous Volunteer' page. If your name is listed without your email address, I have not received your agreement to list it.

Brother Tom is working away in India, Kevin in North Kenya. Its the New Year in Ethiopia (September 2008) 2001, I think.......

Please request application forms from Brother Kevin McEvoy or Eoin Walsh for Africa Projects 2009.

 Father Baraki has received funding for a Kindergarten Project in Allemghane, Ethiopia for 2009

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