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No bonuses, no salaries and no employed people. All donations go to those in need.

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Open your hearts and minds to an opportunity and an experience you will never forget. The exposure to underdeveloped countries and local people will help you understand the issues surrounding world poverty and its causes. It is with hope, some day, we will have a solution. We cannot change the world but we can make a difference in the life of an individual through education and contact.

Volunteer Requirements

Health, Vaccinations & Medication

Visa Applicationa & Information


Accommodation & 'Big Brother Syndrome'

Do's and Dont's

What to Bring - Personal

Volunteer Project Cycle

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Visa Applications & Information 2010

Health, Vaccinationa & Medication

Please visit the Tropical Medical Bureau or their Website to determine the Vaccination requirements for your Project Location. (note:  use Internet Explorer as Firefox does not seem to display the Map). Your Project Leader will assist you with questions and issues will be discussed at Project Meetings. On the website, select ‘Travel Health News’, for Ethiopia / Kenya, select ‘Central Africa’ select ‘Ethiopia’ and select ‘Submit’. The Vaccination requirements will be displayed as click here:

It is important you receive the correct vaccinations in the correct timeline, prior to departure. In some cases your local GP will assist you and may provide free inoculations if you explain the purpose of the vaccinations.

Basis Rules

Food Borne Disease

  • Mostly, Volunteers will prepare their own food in rota
  • Try and eat physically hot food
  • Do not eat unprepared lettuce or other cold foods
  • Avoid shell fish
  • Peel fruit yourself
  • Never eat fruit from street vendors
  • Eat in clean and disinfected areas

Water Borne Disease

  • Do not drink any hotel / motel water
  • Only drink water approved by the Project Leader and Ground Leader
  • Never brush your teeth in unapproved water
  • Check all bottled water is properly sealed
  • Do not ever use ice in you drinks

Sun Exposure

Please wear appropriate clothing and always wear sun protection. Some areas are located on th equator. Skin can burn of overcast days also.


Avoid swimming at all times

Risk of Rabies

Treat any scratch or bite seriously and seek competent medical assistance immediately


Care must be taken to avoid Mosquito bites. Please take all required medication as prescribed. Anti Malaria medication normally required a daily intake of tablets.

Yellow Fever

Some countries require an international certificate of vaccination against Yellow Fever and can request this on entry. In some cases, entry can be refused without the certificate. (Keep with your passport).

 Post Project / Travel Illness

Many diseases have long incubation periods. If you develop any symptoms within a year of returning make certain to attend for specialist medical consultation and inform your Doctor of your exact itinerary

Pre Project Illness

It is imperative we know about any medical condition you may suffer. The Groups will be in isolated locations and we need to make sure all our Volunteers are physicially and mentally able. If you have any condition, we need to know. If you require medication, we need to know. This may not exclude you from the Projects but it will allow us cater for your condition if something arises on the ground. We will also be able to arrange additional medication in case of emergency or loss of medication.

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What to bring - Personal


Sun Cream

Hats / T-shirts / Trousers / Shorts / Runners /

Footballs (deflated)

Baby Wipes

Musical Instrument / DVD's / CD's (few)

Digital Radio (BBC Africa is class, €20 - €30 in Power City)

Small Personal Medical Kit (Keep your anti-malaria tablets here)

more to follow..........................

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accommodation and 'Big Brother Syndrome'

Accommodation is basic. Very basic. No matter what location you are selected for. Please be open to roughing it a little. Shared rooms, basic toilet facilities, cold showers, dark and cold evenings, hot days and early, very early rises. I Love IT ;-). Its a fantastic experience. Each project can last up to 40 days. Thats going to be over 30 days and nights with the same people, every day, in a small compound. Its brilliant.The same jokes, the same food and the same stories told over and over. So this is what I call the 'Big Brother Syndrome'. Just be aware of it and let it roll. Bring along a few good books and find some time for you. We work hard and Volunteers are exposed to the difficulties and surroundings of extreme poverty in some terrible conditions. You need time to yourself and always confide in your Project Leader or a fellow Volunteer if things get tough. Then pick yourself up and get at it again...

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Each Group will require two flights before reaching their destination Country. There may be an overnight in Addis or Nairobi and then it will be on to your Project compound. Nomally the distance from Airport to Project location is travelled by Jeep or Bus. This journey can take between 10 and 16 hours and may require a further overnight, halfway. So, make sure to pack some clothes in a shoulder bag. Most areas are also desert or desert is travelled through. Bring large plastic bags to put your baggage into and keep it sand and dirt free for travelling 'in country'.

Planes, trains and automobiles. So wear comfortable clothing and footware. All travel in your Project Location will start in the early hours 4-6am. This must be done to avoid the heat of midday and to allow for set-up time at the destination.

At airports, do not allow anyone carry your baggage. Do it yourself or get help from another Volunteer. Our people on the ground will greet us in Arrivals. Put some toilet roll in your shoulder bag....

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Do's and Dont's


Take pictures of local people without their agreement 

Give money to anyone. No coins, no hand-outs. We cannot create an athmosphere of demand every time volunteers are seen and remember, others will follow after we have gone

Make promises or arrange meetings that cannot be fulfilled. Again, others must follow

Get involved in Politics or Tribal issues

Leave the compound alone

Ever travel alone

Pack too much


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Bring cameras. The locations, landscapes and people are stunning

Listen to your Project Leader. They have experience that can only come with time in underdeveloped countries. Sometimes they will be exposed to information that you may not be aware of

Respect local tradition, culture and tribal beliefs

Bring an open mind and heart

Visit local villages (but never alone)

Bring any musical instrument, radio and rechargeable batteries

Lock your Luggage during transport (wee padlock)

Ethiopia Information 2010

Department of Foreign Affairs - Ethiopia Information (Click Here)

Embassy of Ireland in Ethiopia
Kirkos Sub-city, Kebele 06, Sierra Leone St. (Debre Zeit road),House No. 021
Postal Address, P.O Box 9585, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Telephone: +251 (11) 466 5050 Fax: +251 (11) 466 5020 Email:
Ambassador: Her Excellency Síle Maguire. Second Secretary: Jennifer Whelan
Head of Development: Colleen Wainwright. Development: Fiona Quinn & Laura Leonard

Ethiopian Embassy
1/3 Merrian House
Fitzwilliam Street Lower
Dublin 1   
01 6787062

Father Baraki - Bale Accommodation
Father Abraham Baraki
Emmanuel Catholic Church
P.O. Box 183 Robe
Bale Region
00251 6650177

Volunteer Project Cycle

  • Application
  • Pre Project Meetings
  • Application Approval / Rejection / Deferral
  • Pre Project Meetings
  • Project Departure
  • Project Ground Work
  • Project Return
  • Post Project Meeting
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Provide Education, Medication and Select Building Structures to people in small rural regions of underdeveloped countries for whom a little counts for a lot.

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Open your hearts and minds to an opportunity and an experience you willnever forget. The exposure to underdeveloped countries and local peoplewill help you understand the issues surrounding world poverty and itscauses. It is with hope, some day, we will have a solution. We cannotchange the world but we can make a difference in the life of anindividual through education and contact.

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